This will be the 3rd time I’ve tried starting this blog.  How can I add my two cents, without sounding just like everyone else?

I’ve decided to heck with sounding original, I’ll just write comes off the top of my head…..Procrastination.  A wonderful word, especially when someone has 3 girls (4, 2 and 6 months), a great husband, and a billion ideas running around in my brain all wanting to escape.  Unfortunately, when one has the above said family, some things get left to the wayside : )  Athough if I write them down, maybe I’ll hold myself accountable (or at least have people encouraging me!)

  1. Start this blog.  (Maybe I can cross this off my list!)
  2. Sew up some baby gifts for my relatives, (I married into a French Catholic family, there is always someone – or myself – who is pregnant!)
  3. Knit up some baby gifts for my relatives (or my own kids).
  4. Develop a website for the Mom’s group that I belong to.  TOFM rocks!
  5. Create a Children’s Adoration program for the city of Saskatoon based off of  Instead of complaining that no one has started one, I’d better do something about it!

So now I’ve officially crossed off item 1.  Now all I have to do is finish 2-5.