I grew up in a small family (just one sister), and the relatives only got together occasionally at Christmas at my Baba’s place.  When she died, so did the get togethers.

Now that I married into a large family (my husband is one of 8 kids, his parents come from 12 and 18 kids), I see what I was missing.  Every summer (since we’ve been married), we’ve had at least 2 weddings where we see the extended family, gather on birthdays, impromptu bbq’s, baptisms, and yes, even funerals.  Just seeing the joy on my own children’s faces when they meet up with their Aunties/Uncles/Cousins makes me wish that I had that growing up as well.

Just take a look at some of these pictures from last night, they (as well as everyone else) are having a blast…Marie and Therese dancing up a storm!  Hannah had so much fun, she wore herself out : )

But on to happier thoughts….I’m making the cutest poncho/hat combo for my cousin’s-in-law for their first child.  It’s not quite finished yet, but give me a few days and it will be done….