What a blessing it is to have a child.  I know that with 3 girls (and one in heaven) many abundant blessings have been bestowed upon my family.  My husband was telling me the other day how as soon as he held our oldest daughter Marie, things changed in an instant.  Not in a way that most people would think…now we’ve got diapers, spend more money, etc…, but in a more profound way.  He is now responsible for someone else, their upbringing, and their moral conscience.  In this respect, he truly felt like a Dad.  I teared up at that conversation.  How often do we forget the important role father’s have in our children’s lives.  Without them, everything is twice as hard.

On a lighter note.  I have finished some baby items for some impending arrivals.  One of these 2 hats will go to my sister-in-law…who is due any second!  (By the way, she is an amazing mother of 4 children, the patience of Mother Theresa)  We don’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl, so hence the two color schemes.

For Jennifer

I’ve also sewn up a baby blanket to keep the little tyke nice and toasty during the cold winter months.  Also, I’ve finished the poncho / hat set for my cousin-in-law.  Her baby shower was moved to mid September, which is perfect timing for little Elle to wear this cute set!  I’ve got tons of this type of yarn, I think I’ll whip up a larger one for Hannah!

For Erin's baby shower

For Erin