Well we had our second Children’s adoration session on Friday.  I’m sad to report that we were the only ones in attendance.  Unfortunately my notice didn’t get out to all Parish bulletin’s in time and adoration time had changed.  There is good news though!  My girls and I were able to stay for Benediction and Mass, something that doesn’t occur very often.  I’d like to get out to Mass more often, but I usually have one excuse or another stopping me.  I should really put it on the calender and make it a habit.  It really refreshes me to go to Mass an extra time during the week.

On a lighter note, the push is on to finishing up our Basement.  We started demo work on it last May (wow, time is flying by).  My husband is almost finished putting up the drywall and I’ve completed mud/tape on 1 of 3 rooms.  Maybe next weekend we will be ready for some paint!