Wow, has it been almost 3 months already? A flurry of activity has happened in that amount of time. Therese turned 3, Advent season came and went, Christmas season came and went, and Hannah turned 1 just a few days ago.

So with each New Year, I try to set myself some attainable goals. This year it is to simplify my life. Simplify it from stuff…the stuff that seems to overrun the house! I’m in the process of de-stashing my huge yarn addiction (selling some on Kijiji as well as donating some to the LYS) I would love to knit up some charity items as well. Also, the kids have agreed to go through their mountains of toys and donate at least 1/2 to kids less fortunate than they are. Right now most of their toys have been in storage due to our massive reno project in the basement. So they have lived for the last 9 months without them and haven’t missed them at all.  All this came about from a reading we did in Familia last week.  In summary, do not be worried / concerned about material things, have faith that God will provide all that you truly need.
Does anyone else have any simplifying strategies that they would like to share with me? Because I could certainly use the help!