During our rosary last night, my oldest daughter (Marie, age 5) thought that in order to have Jesus in everyone’s heart, there had to be many of him. After explaining to her how there is only one God and he can be in many places at the same time, she smiled and said….”cool!”

As a side note, even though my blog states that I’m a Catholic Knitter, I haven’t written about my knitting adventures lately. Well, that’s because one of them is going to be a surprise for my sister-in-law who is getting married next month. Here’s a hint…..(This has got to be the biggest yarn ball I’ve ever seen!)

Green, Brown, Greenish Brown??

Green, Brown, Greenish Brown??

Unfortunately it’s taking over most of my knitting time so I can finish it for her wedding shower in less then 3 weeks. After that, I’ve got several UFO’s (unfinished objects) in the works before I can let myself work on anything else. A dress for Hannah (1/2 done although it was supposed to be a dress for Therese…), a sweater for Therese (1/3 done) and a tank top for myself (1/2 done). And so far my lenten journey of simplifying has been working well. No yarn purchases! Although it has been tough with all the sales lately.

Until tomorrow, when I post my small successes for the week.