Small Sucesses
Now that the whole family is feeling better, I’m able to post about my small successes for this week. Thanks to Danielle Bean at Faith and Family for starting this!

1 – Went to not one, but two masses this week! (One was with my Time out for Mom’s group, but I’m still counting it)

2 – I put together a rosary book for my kids (see below). Well, I only have the sorrowful mysteries put together, but I have the other pictures ready to go. The girls used it on Tuesday night and I must say, it really helped them focus on the rosary. If anyone has any sharper pictures of the mysteries (or can point me in the right direction), please let me know. They turned out a bit fuzzy.

Sisterly love

Sisterly love

3 – Treadmill…yes that’s right I actually went on the treadmill this week. I’m hoping to get on it again, but we shall see what the week brings.

How about you? Any small successes to share this week?