Small Sucesses

1 – I have been menu planning for about a month now. I love not having to guess what to make for dinner. A few switches here and there, but I’ve mostly followed it. (Makes for a happy husband when I don’t ask him at lunch “What do you want for supper”)

2 – Saved our basement from getting flooded! This isn’t really a small success or one that I can claim all on my own….I have some really awesome neighbours (and Husband) who offered their time and their pump! A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped out.

The Neighbour's Pump

Left over puddles

3 – Went to Children’s Adoration at our Parish for first Friday. It’s tough to speak in front of people (even if I know them). Slowly I am seeing a change in my own children – in their reverence of the Eucharist, and their own prayers. It’s slow going….but it’s all worth it! A great resource for me is

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