Small Sucesses

Another week has flown by. Have you stopped to recognize your small successes?

1 – Finished the girls dresses for my SIL’s wedding this weekend. (Don’t they look cute?) For some reason Therese didn’t want her picture taken, hence the scowl.

.The Girls showing off their new dresses.

2 – We have a great prayer book called Handbook of Prayers. In it we discovered daily readings for the month of Mary (May!) So we’ve incorporated it into our daily prayer routine. This book is great!! Not only does it have the Marian devotions, it also has the detailed mysteries of the rosary, a guide to confession, and of course…prayers. You can get a copy from here.

3 – I started to plant the garden (with help from the kids). Considering it’s been snowing (lightly) on and off for the last few days, I’m not sure if anything will actually grow!

3a – This isn’t really a small success, but a HUGE accomplishment. Had our last FAMILIA meeting last night. After 4 yrs with the same women, I’ll miss their wonderful insights/stories about their catholic faith. I learned so much from each one of them. Because we got along so well, I think we may begin a book club in the fall.

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