Last weekend was my SIL’s wedding. It was a beautiful Christ centered wedding mass. Here’s the happy couple:
The Beautiful Couple

I also loved that in attendence were 4 priests, and 3 seminarians (one of whom is the groom’s brother) plus countless religious sisters.

Of course after the wedding, comes the party. And we had a ton of fun catching up with 500+ of our closest friends and family. The kids had a great time dancing up a storm. Here’s H. cutting the rug, (I’ve never seen a kid move like that!):
The Dancing Queen
and here are M & T dancing with each other…too cute!
Pretty in Pink

So what’s next you ask? Next weekend is the National Theology of the Body Conference. If you’re in the area, please consider going. Christopher West and Dr. Janet Smith are going to be giving talks. Here’s the link to the publicity video that was made by our diocese. Notice the familiar face in the green shirt?? Yup, that my SIL! (I tried to embed the video, but it didn’t work…)