Small Sucesses

1 – Finished seeding the garden (had to wait until the last of the frost warnings were over) and completed the hardscape in our yard. We decided to do away with some of our lawn in the front yard around our ‘city’ tree (a Lindon tree provided by the city back when the neighbourhood was developed). Next comes the dirt & flowers, the fun part! I’ll show pictures when it’s completed.

2 – I had fallen off the knitting bandwagon and didn’t knit for about a month after the big afghan. I just completed a washcloth, it took several weeks but it is now done! It’s not that I’m slow, just uninspired at the moment. This usually happens in the spring/summer months. I’m considering making a lace project since I’ve never done it before, but what to make?? If you have any ideas, let me know.

Summer Washcloth<

3 – I invited my niece & nephew to come with us to a cat chat concert tonight. I always wanted a large family, so this will give me practice – especially in social outings! Check out the cat chat webpage. (Stands for Catholic Chat). A great catholic music ministry for kids (and adults) of all ages.

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