I can finally post that I’m done….done with digging in the dirt. (At least for this summer).

The problem with our big mess in the spring. So we decided to do something about it and add garden blocks to the side of the house to divert the water. Then my DH thought outloud, wouldn’t it be nice to add some blocks around the tree in the front (the grass doesn’t grow there anyway). So I accepted the challange and built walls for the last few weeks. Of course, when the walls were done, we had to get dirt…..why is dirt so expensive?? So here are the kids standing next to the 2 cubic yards of dirt. Then came the planting……I’m tired! (Don’t worry, the dirt on the side of the house has grass seed, so hopefully in a few weeks it will be nice and green!)

Big dirt pile

The front 'wall'

Side wall

Side wall 2