Small Sucesses

1 – Went to confession on Saturday! My husband and I make a habit of going every 6-8 weeks and take the whole family with us. We make it a ‘fun’ time for everyone (play with the toys in the back of the church and read stories)….and it usually ends in doughnuts. (Mmm, Timbits). We are praying that by the time the kids are old enough, confession will be something that they enjoy doing. Unfortunately we are usually the only ones in line on the Saturdays that we go. Maybe the chapel is full on the weekends we don’t??

2 – Exercise. (See number 1 above) My husband and I have been doing a pilates / shredding mixture for the last week. (With the help of Winsor Pilates and Jillian from the biggest loser). I’m hoping to get in shape for the summer so I don’t look silly in shorts!

3 – Changed my rear bike tube today. It’s been many years since I’ve had to repair my bike, so it took a bit longer than I anticipated. Luckily the kids took it in stride and spent the time colouring with chalk on the driveway (in Hannah’s case….eating it) and pushing each other in the strollers.

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