Our friend Laura (ourhouseofjoyfulnoise), has shared her experience with their VBS this week and I thought that I would share our experience!

Our household has been busy with VBS all week. I have to admit, this is the first time that I’ve ever gone/participated in a VBS program. (Remember, I am a Catholic Convert of 8 yrs….)

Unfortunately our parish (Sts-Martyrs-Canadiens) doesn’t have a VBS program (it is really small, ~150 families and it’s French. No, I’m not French….that’s a whole other story!). So I searched around the city for one that could accommodate all my older daughters and that would let me help out as well. So St. Phillip Neri it was! This year they were using the Cat Chat program: Marvelous Mystery, The Mass comes Alive! (Maybe I should start getting royalties for promoting them so much??)

I thought, what better way to make the mass more interesting for my 5 & 3 yo. And boy, did they deliver!

Each day was broken into a theme /virtue and each of the 6 stations built upon them (snack, faith, music, fun & fames, and craft).

Day 1 – The Mass is a Mystery, virtue was patience. The Saint of the Day was St. Joan of Arc.

Day 2 – The Mass is a Gift, virtue was peace. The Saint of the Day, was Mary.

Day 3 -The Mass is a Celebration, the virtue was unity. The Saint of the Day was St. Patrick.

Day 4 – The Mass is a Meal, the virtue was faith. The Saint of the Day was St. Michael the Archangel. *** (This was also our group name!)

Day 5 – We are all Called, the virtue was generosity. The Saint of the Day was St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

(I may have the virtues in the wrong order….I should have written them down!)

Saint Cards, given out at the end of each day

Saint Cards, given out at the end of each day

Now we had one of the younger groups of kids (mostly 3-4 yo’s). So at times it was a bit tough keeping their attention focused on the task, but in all honesty – they did great!! Everyone participated (even I got up to sing and dance!). I figured the kids were looking to me for guidance. I had to put my pride aside and do all the actions and sing out loud so the kids would follow. And wouldn’t you know, I caught a few of them looking at me for the actions!

Here is a sample of some of the craft/activities that the kids worked on all week.

VBS Crafts

Today we ended with Mass (so all the kids could practice what we worked on all week). Father Joseph did a great job including all the kids and asking them all sorts of questions during his homily. All week, the parish has been taking in bottles/cans/donations to raise the money for Father Joseph’s Bishop in Ghana and as soon as Mass was over, we all surprised him with a check for over $1000! The money is to help with the seminarians complete their education. He told us that today, 4 new priests will be ordained – Thanks be to God!

We had such a wonderful time, both Marie and Therese didn’t want it to end. Luckily I’ve signed them up for Holy Heroes, Summer VBS Adventure : )