For some of you who follow Laura, you may be aware that I was a recent winner of her special give away present of a cedar bird feeder. Now I don’t normally win things (although I do enter quite a few contests….just in case), so this was a HUGE surprise!

Monday rolled around and up walks the UPS man. The kids were all excited and couldn’t wait to rip into the box.

Opening the box

Imagine their surprise when they finally opened it!

Wow!  The Birdfeeder

(Marie’s face is priceless)

We couldn’t wait to put it up in our backyard. It’s been awhile since we had any birds (mostly because we forgot to refill our existing birdfeeder). So where to put it??

My husband came home and figured out the best place, right on the playhouse where we can see the birds from our back window & deck. Here he is installing some screws and hanging it up.

Installing the Birdfeeder

The final product

Thanks again to Laura (& family) for the wonderful gift!