My baby isn’t a baby anymore. She began grade 1 yesterday with a bang. Up before 7am and dressed before 7:30am. Unfortunately she had to wait almost a whole hour before we left for school. The backpack was filled with school supplies (now why does a kid need 10 erasers? and 5 glue sticks??), and off we went. Here she is ready for her first day of school pictures. Therese had to get in on the photos too! (We’ve decided that Therese will not go to preschool and that I’ll teach her from home this year).

Posing for the camera


Therese posing for the camera

 We arrived at the school, found her classroom and greeted the other kids. Marie is so ready to learn, she decided to choose the desk closest to the teacher, right at the front!

Marie at her new desk

Oh ma petite cherie, you are going to learn more french this year than in my total 12 yrs of french……You’ll have to translate for me at Mass!