Small Sucesses

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

Oops, I’ve fallen off the blogging bandwagon again. I’m hoping to get back on now that the school year is in full swing. So here it goes.

1 – Organized and cleaned my hallway closets. I’ve really got to stop throwing the coats in and start hanging them up! And the towels…Wow have I ever let that one slip!

2 – My husband and I have decided to try and go to daily mass on Wednesdays (before school). So far, we’ve manged to go the last 2 weeks and the kids did pretty well, considering how tired they were 🙂

3 – Well, this isn’t a small success, but rather a large one….We are expecting baby #4 in March! Everyone is really excited, especially Marie. (She keeps praying for a brother, since she doesn’t have one yet).

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