Small Sucesses

1 – Our local moms group was having a ‘Shop & Swap’, in which you bring gently used clothing and toys and swap with the other moms. The leftover items went to the CWL. This forced me to go through the girls old clothes and purge some items. The bonus? I was able to free up some space in the house 🙂

2 – Laundry…I really don’t like doing it! Okay, not the actually doing of the laundry, it’s the folding that I wish would do itself. So I’ve been forcing myself to do at least 1-2 loads a day, so the folding wouldn’t be so bad. So far its working!

3 – It was confession time in our household on the weekend, so my husband and I rounded up the kids and took them to our local parish for our monthly ‘cleaning session’. When’s the last time you went?

**bonus** – I’ve been able to get up after 1 snooze button this week / except for this morning, but its a start!!!

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