One of our traditions is to carve the pumpkin on the eve of All Hallows Eve.  We have been letting the girls help out, by helping I mean scooping out the guts and deciding on what face to put on it. 

Cleaning Time

Helping Dad clean out the pumpkin

This was the first year Hannah was able to help and she was not impressed with the inside of the pumpkin!

Hannah Scared of the pumpkin guts


Hannah seeing the pumpkin guts

I'm not touching that!

Finally, we decided on a not-too-scary face.  I think my pumpkin carving skills could be improved, but all in all, not too bad of a job.

Our not so scary pumpkin

Our not so scary pumpkin

The girls are really excited to show off their costumes tonight and load up on candy.  I’m not looking forward to the crazy sugar rush / crash that they will be going through later on tonight!!!