We enjoyed the beautiful fall day and went for a hike down by the river.  (If you’ve read previous posts, you’ll be aware the crazy fall / winter weather we’ve had lately).  To our surprise we came across these noisy creatures!


It's goats, by the river!

Now why the heck would there be a bunch of goats by the river? Well, this is what I found. Looks like they are using the goats for a grazing program. Hmm, interesting…

Other than that strange sight, the rest of the hike/walk went really well. We saw a ton of Canadian geese on the river (Sorry, my camera and I are not friends right now and the picture did not turn out) and I actually worked up a sweat climbing up the riverbank. This could be because a)I’m out of shape and b) 5 months pregnant! I really must get into the habit of walking again, maybe on the treadmill?  Especially when the snow flies in.

River off in the Distance

The river off in the distance

(We actually live on the other side of the river, so this was a nice view for us)….

Bringing up the rear

Hiking through the 'woods', more like bush!