What do pink tutu’s, pink cake and well….pink things have in common? My daughter’s 4th birthday of course!

The day started out quite nicely, sleeping away until my oldest daughter burst into the room announcing that “It’s Therese’s birthday, can I wake her up to open presents?”  Yes, that’s right…Marie far more excited for Therese than she was : ) I guess 6 is the magic number for understanding presents and such.

So I made the outfit (sans the bodysuit) and she promptly wore it the entire day…..

I love my outfit!

I love my Ballet outfit!


The birthday cake (I got the recipe here), came out quite nicely too.


The 'pink' birthday cake

The 'pink' birthday cake

And of course the party. We just had family over, which….is a lot of people. I have to admit I’ve never really had a kid’s birthday party before, because of the amount of cousin’s these kids have! Although last night we were missing a few due to illnesses. (That’s okay, they were boys and I don’t think they would have liked all the pink!) 

Cake time

Cake time!

Happy Birthday Therese! My baby, is growing up. It seems just like yesterday we went to the hospital to have you and now you are such a big girl : )

Baby Therese

Therese at 17wks, 1 day old and 6 months old (I've got pictures like this for each of the girls)



My big girl, Therese