Actually, it’s more about examining my own conscience. Being a convert to the church, I did not grow up with the wonderful sacrament of reconciliation. And unfortunately my RCIA class did not teach us the fine art of giving a good confession (actually, they didn’t really talk about it at all). So when it came time for my first confession….I was at a loss. Luckily, my husband (boyfriend at the time) had a few resources that I could use. One being the Handbook of prayers (excellent for general prayers, rosary, and a great guide to confession). However as I’ve gotten older, things have changed in my life.  I am now married, have 3 children (1 in Heaven and 1 on the way) and I no longer work outside the home.  I am needing more direction and I have come across a few helpful resources that I’d like to share with you.

However, I can always use more help!  Especially in this area of my life.  If you have any alternate suggestions, please post them here.  I would love to read them as I continue on my path.