I’ve never done this tradition before. Honestly, it was a bit daunting to try and create 20+ ornaments detailing the life of Jesus from the beginning of creation all the way up until his birth. Luckily I signed up for the Holy Hereos Advent Adventure. (We’ve previously used their Vacation Bible Study program)

They’ve done a great job at laying out all the bible verses and giving examples of what pictures to use. So far (3 days into it) we’ve been doing pretty good. A few pieces of paper, glue, string and yes…even some glitter. (Although I do not recommend it for the faint of heart – the stuff goes EVERYWHERE!).

And finally, here is our Jesse tree. (A fake Christmas tree for the kids.) Our real Christmas tree will go up sometime this weekend in the basement, away from the forced air vents which tend to dry the poor thing out.

I had to include a shot of Hannah, since she hasn’t been ‘fully’ participating in the ornament making this year. (Mostly in the ornament destruction!)  But she was pleased as punch to say cheese by the tree!

Happy Advent everyone!!