Small Sucesses

1. Our van broke down this week. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, however we have had horribly cold weather ( -30 C with -40 C+ windchill) and no way to get my oldest to school. Soooo, I’ve had to bite my pride, and ask for help. (I really hate asking people for help). It has been a big lesson in humility. Now if only I could work on the patience part…..

2. Celebrated the Feast of St. Nicolas with my family on Dec 6th. Marie was so excited she woke up extra early on Sunday to open them up : ) I wonder what Christmas is going to be like? (I filled the stockings with useful items such as pj pants that I made, crayons, religious coloring books/stickers/holy cards and of course some yummy bonbons.) I love that we started this tradition 3 yrs ago… Growing up in a secular household, we celebrated Christmas, but in name only. However, one of the things I fondly remember is opening up the stockings.

3. This year, instead of a Christmas concert at Marie’s school for the K-4’s, they decided to have an Advent Mass at the local parish. I have to give the principle credit (and kudos!) for this. Unfortunately many of the kids (even though it is a Catholic school) do not make it to church due to their parents. What a great witness to Christ to have a school function at church. Plus, all the kids were really well-behaved, the priest, Father Darrell, engaged them with questions during the homily.  And since it was the feast of the Immaculate Conception (in Canada it is NOT a holy day of obligation) he centered his questions about it. My middle child, Therese (who is 4) answered all the questions right…to the surprise of the older kids around her. (Mary said YES!) After mass was done, the kids all got up and sang 2 songs then we gathered for some juice and cookies. All in all, a great night!

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