Small Sucesses

Yikes! A whole week flies by and I realize I haven’t written anything on my blog. (Sorry about that) I promise to update the blog with pictures (I’ve got some good ones) So here are the small successes I’ve enjoyed this past week.

1 – Making 30 goody bags for the Père Noël Supper at our local parish. I had all the kids help out (even my DH) and they really enjoyed themselves. Even Hannah got into the act, although I had to keep an eye on her…she started to put ALL the candy canes into one bag then discovered that they tasted really good : ) The supper was awesome, cooked by cousin Sean (He has his Red Seal)….yummo!

2 – Our Van is back! Okay, that’s not really my success, but man am I ever glad it’s back!!! It was a bit of a tough week not having it….

3 – Made it to our Advent Penitential Service on Tuesday night. I love this service. It’s like a mini-mass (readings but no Eucharist) then we are dismissed to see one of a 1/2 dozen priests set up for reconciliation. We also have a similar service during Lent. So after cleaning out our souls, yesterday morning we went to mass. (The previous week we were unable to attend due to the van issues).

So what are your small successes this week? Please share them with the people at Faith and Family Live (click on the icon).