Our local Knights of Columbus council (Colombe do Chevalier) puts on a Christmas supper every year. Our family task is to put together the ‘goody’ bags for all the children that show up. This year we allowed the kids to help out. Now Marie and Thérèse had no problems….it was Hannah who was the trouble maker!!! Once she got a taste of the candy canes she started to raid all the bags! So we quickly gathered them all up and hid them away from her grubby little fingers.

Packing the bags

The supper was great. Great food and company! Also, a special visitor made an appearance. Père Noël! He handed out the bags of candy to all the kids that came. Here are my girls sitting on Père Noël’s lap. No tears this year : ) Oh, and a quick shot of my godson Spencer. (Did I mention that he’s my only godson….so far?)

My Godson Spencer on the left, and his brother Hudson

She couldn't wait to rip into the goody bags!