Wow, I can’t believe that this is my first post of the New Year. Happy New Year everyone (even if it is a few weeks late).

Much has happened around our household. Our New Year’s celebration was spent at the in-laws with Chinese food & close family. We let the kids stay up until the ‘ball dropped’. Although it was fireworks from Niagara Falls this year…. Us ‘older’ folks got our game on and played Cranium. (Remind me NEVER to spell….forwards or backwards…EVER!) It was cute watching my BIL (his spouse), and my SIL (and her fiancé) play together. You really get a glimpse of a person’s relationship when you have to play trivia-type games.

And now that we are into January, the real fun begins! At my last count there are 7 (that’s right 7) birthday’s to celebrate in our extended family. So instead of having a party for each one, we had a combined party last Friday Evening.

Then my parents came over on Saturday to celebrate Hannah’s 2nd birthday! (and mine as well). They were kind enough to watch the kids for a few hours while Patrick and I took in a movie. We ended up seeing Avatar, which is my first ever 3D movie. As a true techie at heart, the movie amazed me for it’s effects….story line, not so much. You can read an excellent review (which pretty much nails it on the head) here.

We had a little celebration for Hannah’s birthday on the real day.

Hannah at 17 wks

My big girl

This is one of my favourite pictures…the kid loves food!  (Especially ice cream)

And finally my birthday was the next day! (Now how can you top any birthday present with the birth of a child??) By the time my birthday came around, I was pretty sick of cake. So I just had a piece of Hannah’s leftover cake with a candle on it. 33 yrs young : )

I love having my picture taken!