Alright, it’s been a busy few weeks (or should I say months). I’ve been working on a project that should be completed in the next few weeks (more on that later). But for now it’s time to document the small successes. Thanks to Danielle Bean and the folks over at Faith and Family Live for hosting this weekly column.

1 – De-Cluttering. I guess this has been my New Year’s resolution. Usually I’m just de-cluttering the kids stuff (clothes and toys), but this time I’m working on myself. I’ve whittled down my yarn and fabric stash and have managed to find homes for the extras : ) Besides, with a baby on the way…there is NO WAY I’m going to be able to get to everything!

2 – I’ve added the daily reading pod-cast to my morning routine. I don’t have an i-pod (although now I’m leaning toward an i-pod touch…they are so cool), but I was able to find all the daily readings from the USCCB website.

3 – Routines & Schedules:  I’m currently reading Holly Pierlot’s ‘A Mother’s Rule’, which is SO what I needed right now. It has been helping me to balance prayer, kids & home life. I’m still in the first 2 P’s (prayer and person) right now, but I can’t wait until I get all 5 p’s figured out! (Especially before the baby is born). Which has really come out of no-where. (Less than 7 wks to go).

Share your successes, big or small on the Faith and Family Live website.