Okay, not technically a snow day (since all the school’s were open), but because my husband had to take the van to work (in fear of getting the car stuck in front of our house or down the block) and all school buses were cancelled…..Marie had a Snow Day! (actually 2…)

Here’s some of the snow we got, over 25cm on the weekend. Which for us in the prairies is a lot at one time.

Daddy and Therese clearing off the driveway.

Hannah hamming it up for the camera while watching everyone outside.

And here are some of the snow day activities that we got to do.

Surprisingly enough I did not go crazy having to be stuck at home for the last 2 days. It was quite refreshing not to rush out the door in the morning!

Hannah doing 'homework'.

Okay, she wasn’t really doing homework, mostly messing up Marie’s work book….but it was in pencil and it was cute watching her imitate her older sisters.

Now for Art time!

Therese painting

Marie painting a masterpiece after her 'homework' was all done.