Wow…I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am officially a business owner & operator! I’ve certainly learned all there is to opening a business, such as licencing requirements (in the city/province/country), registering a business name and taxes.

Can I just say that I love baby things….because you don’t have to pay PST on them???

So as of yesterday, I opened the doors to my new business: NorthernMom Diapers & Gifts. (Click on my logo below to go to my etsy website)

Inspired by my recent cloth diapering endeavour I decided to share my new found love for cloth diapering with others. To help reduce their household budgets and to help reduce the amount of waste in the landfills. I’ve also fallen in love with a product called Bamboo Fleece. Made from 70% viscose bamboo and 30% cotton, it is the most softest fabric I’ve ever felt. Did I mention that it is also ecologically friendly?? So expect to see this item featured in almost all my diapers in the future.

I have also setup a facebook fan page that you can check out.

Wish me luck!