Phew, it has been crazy around here!

1 – Nesting. Yes, I think I’ve officially entered the nesting mode. With less than 5 weeks to go before Baby #4 shows up I’ve been cleaning (following Fly lady’s advice) and preparing for the baby. Also, trying to figure out a name! With a large family like ours, we are really getting limited on names without having a repeat…

2 – We are back on track to going to daily mass on Wednesday’s. Our priest has been on vacation for the last few weeks, so no daily mass. Also during those weeks we couldn’t have a Sunday mass! Completely out of anyone’s control. A HUGE blizzard got one priest stuck in the snow and the following week another had a heart attack. Since we are the only French parish in the city we are limited to who can say mass for us. So pray for your priests, they really need them! (We are lucky enough to have an English parish close by that we can attend instead.)

3 – And Finally….I became a business owner and operator last week. I opened the doors to my Etsy Shop (click the banner at the bottom) called NorthernMom’s Diapers & Gifts. I’ve been making cloth diapers for a while now and wanted to share them with people. I actually had my first sale this week! (It was my cousin….but it was still a sale!)

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