I think this has been the 7th year that I’ve made this delicious Ukrainian delight. (Although it will never come close to my Baba’s) I really miss her, especially at this time of year. This was the one holiday where most of the family would gather.  I use the same recipe year after year, from the Ukrainian Daughters cookbook.  I’m not even sure it’s in print anymore.  It was the same book my Baba used, passed it along to my Mom and now to me!

This year the bread will be the centrepiece to our Easter brunch. We are having family over to celebrate Nicholas’ Baptism. What cooler way to celebrate Easter than with a Baptism!! (I too was Baptized on Easter, on the vigil, back in 2001)

So here are some pictures of this years version! (With a cute picture of Nick thrown in!)  Of course I forgot to take pictures of the bread when it came out of the oven…..sorry!  But you can always visit this post from last year.

Paska ready for the egg wash

Hannah apply egg wash oh so carefully

Therese showing off her expert skills

Of course this picture has nothing to do with baking Easter bread, but what the heck….it’s a baby picture!!

Mycutie Nicholas showing off his cool cloth diaper!

Unfortunately Marie was unable to make the bread with us this year because she was in school : (