I actually have some to post this week!

1 – Finished planting the garden & flower beds. Now that the chance of frost (knock on wood) is gone, I was able to finish off the garden last weekend before the rain came. So if everything comes up, I’ll have yummy home grown potatoes, and a TON of tomatoes, green beans and peas. (We have a small garden).

2 – I managed to get all the summer clothes out and winter clothes back into storage for the entire family. It was a mess as I was doing it, but everything is now back in order! (At least for now)

3 – Celebrated my 8 year anniversary with my husband this week (on the 25th). He arranged a babysitter and we went out to a Monday Matinée. (Victoria Day was celebrated on the 24th this year) I even left the baby at home!

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