My 4 yo is bright, full of energy and a wee bit impulsive! So impulsive that when she gets mad, she likes to express herself with yelling/hitting and sometimes pinching. So far, no other timeout techniques have worked. We primarily use the corner/timeout technique. Unfortunately for this particular child, she forgets why she went in the corner about 5 min later! Which isn’t really a bad thing since she’ll be screaming at me one minute and then saying “I love you mama” the next.

So today I’ve tried something new. Therese knows her alphabet and loves to do ‘homework’, so I made her do lines.

The lines....

I will not hit.

The concentration.

By the 10th line she was smiling!

All done! Phew!

Now will she remember not to hit if she’s angry? I’ll let you know!  Do you have any other suggestions?  Please post, I’d love to hear them : )