Yikes, I’m a few days late on this one, but I wanted to share with everyone my children’s costumes for Halloween this year.  Can you guess that we are a Catholic Family??  No big surprise here!

Their costumes were really easy to make.  I reused the St. Therese costume that I made last year, and quickly did up the other three.

For the Blessed Mother Teresa costume, I got 2 meters of cheap white knit fabric.  Made a quick skirt and veil out of it, had her put on a white turtleneck and sewed on 3 blue ribbons.  I’m kicking myself because I should have gotten a darker blue ribbon….

Therese as Blessed Mother Teresa

For the St. Bernadette costume, I made a longer skirt out of a ‘pioneer style’ fabric, made a matching shawl, one of my brown turtlenecks and used the left overs from the Blessed Mother Teresa costume to make an apron and head scarf.  (Missing is some sticks that she would have picked up at the grotto)

Marie as St. Bernadette

For Nicholas I found some ‘jailer’ stripe fabric and made a quick tunic out of it and a cap to complete the look.  I also wrote St. Maximilian Kolbe’s prison number on the front.  The black stuff around his eyes are supposed to be ‘glasses’, but he didn’t like it too much when I was doing it…hence the smudging.

Nicholas as St. Maximilian Kolbe

And you can find the St. Therese costume explained here.

Hannah as St. Therese of Lisieux

They had a blast at the All Saints Party at our Parish.  This was the first year our Parish did anything fun like that for the kids.  (My husband helped put it together….and it sounds like this may become an annual event!)