It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

1 – Cleaned out the girls room. I mean really deep cleaned it. Took out all their old clothes, emptied out the closet, & swept. Why you ask? We still have a little mouse running around the house and I’m trying to make it harder for it to hide!! Next week’s goal is to tackle the spare room downstairs. It is my dumping ground for everything right now. Not a pretty sight!

2- Yesterday we had an excellent speaker at our TOFM (Time out for Mom’s) group at the church. She was from Catholic Family Services and the topic was Parenting/Discipline. I’ve always struggled with this. I easily get impatient and frustrated with my kids. (Big surprise: It’s not their fault…totally mine!) When I do, I yell, a very bad habit of mine. So yesterday I used some of the tools that were taught (as well as some much needed prayers for help from Our Lady) and it was a MUCH calmer day at home yesterday! Here’s praying that I can continue with this. Certainly if I home school next year I’ll need to have this under control.

3 – This one isn’t all mine, but the All Saints Party was a success at our Parish. My husband decided God was calling him to organize something for the kids this year. (This was definitely God calling, because he is not an organizer by nature). I think he may have opened up a can of worms though….many people expect him to put it together again next year! I helped him out in gathering information for the games, decorating and running some of the games on Sunday. Our games included: Bean bag toss (3 holes: Saint, Venerable, Blessed), Pin the roses on St. Therese, and Musical Chairs (Featuring Cat Chat music!).

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