Well, it is a New Year (already) and I realized that I’ve been neglecting my blog. Yes, work has been keeping me busy (anyone need any cloth diapers ), but most importantly, my family has been keeping me busy.

With the Christmas season finally over I can now sit back and relax. Okay, not really, but one can dream right?

I don’t normally do resolutions, but this year I ‘sort of’ did.

1. Enjoy my birthday. Yes, I am Ms. Grumpy pants when it comes to my birthday. Why? I’m not sure, but I read a post on Faith and Family last year that really summed up my feelings. You can check it out here. I resolve to be HAPPY!

2. Write about my ‘conversion’. I type it in quotes because I don’t have a St. Paul knocked off his horse kind of conversion, more of a slow inching it’s way along until finally I jumped right in! You can read about it here.

3. Keeping this blog going even if it kills me! Okay, maybe not, but I really want to keep it going. Especially to highlight my family, and some of the things we do.
4. Wow, 4 resolutions already? Last but not least…Home schooling. I’ve hinted about it in the past that I was discerning a call to home schooling. Well, we’ve made up our minds and in the fall of ’11 we are going to jump right in. Now comes the hard part….how to do it! I may be blogging about my frustrations & excitements about figuring things out.

So what kind of resolutions, or lack thereof are you doing this year??