Come inside and have some fun! Okay, we don’t have snowmaggedon (or whatever they are calling it) like they are in the East, but it sure was darn cold today. Woke up to -32 degrees C with a -45 degrees C windchill. Yes, school busses were cancelled, but we still managed to get in the car today and do a few errands. After all that was finished, Hannah was itching to do something fun. I remembered a great post on the Faith and Family blog mentioning…bring some snow inside for fun. (Now why didn’t I think of that?)

So Hannah put on her mitts, donned a nice bright pink apron and out I went to get a bucket of snow. Would you believe she had a blast for close to an hour? Mostly scooping it up and shaping it (once it melted a bit) into different size balls. What a great way to spend an hour. (And I got my T4 slips finished!)

Check out those mitts!

Bucket of snow

Having a blast!