I know I haven’t been posting much lately, well I do have a reason……On May 6th we were expecting our 5th baby to be born just before Christmas, we were so happy but also scared because we would officially be moving into the ‘larger’ family club. Less than a week later, we were burying the remains of our 7wk, 3 day old with the help of our former parish priest.

This was the second miscarriage I’ve experienced. The first one happened Sept 1st, 2002, only a few months after we were married. I don’t remember much about it. Not too much physical pain, but mostly emotional pain and anger. Now that I’ve had 4 living children, this one really hit us hard.  Over the years, my husband and I know and understand more about our Catholic Faith, so we really wanted to be sure that we did everything that we were supposed too for this lost child. We turned to the EWTN Q & A website, Catholic answers and any other websites that we could find on miscarriages.

The hardest part was telling my oldest daughter.  She’s almost 8, and was overjoyed at the possibility of another sibling, but when we told her we lost the baby she was devestated.  We reassured her that we had another Saint in Heaven watching over us and praying for us and that made her feel better.

Now that it has been almost a month since we lost the baby, and I’m starting to feel a bit better emotionally.  Who knows what God has in store for us?  A bigger family?  Who knows, we are just trying to say yes to his will…one day at a time.

I hope this post can help others who may be suffering or have suffered a miscarriage.



It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

1 – I cleaned and purged…MY ROOM! I can finally see my dresser top, the closet floor and even my bathroom drawer. Unfortunately the master bedroom had become a dumping ground for everything. It’s good to gain back a bedroom.

2- The 40 bags for 40 days is slowly coming along. (See above) I think I got 3 bags alone in my own room.

3 – I’m slowly continuing on my Lenten journey. The psalms are being read daily, finally made it back to mass yesterday and I’m really trying hard to be present for the kids. Heck, as a family we even broke out Monopoly last weekend. I thought it would be too old for them, but guess what? The 7 yo had no problem playing, the 5 yo played with minimal help and even the 3 yo participated (she helped Dad be the banker).  They really enjoyed it and keep asking for more 🙂

How about you? Come share your small successes at Faith and Family Live.



It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted any successes.  Our whole family has been down and out with horrible colds this last month.  It really put a damper on some of the extras that I was trying to do.   I’m hoping to get back into blogging on a bit more of a regular basis.

1 – I actually prepared our Lenten activities this year. Last year we were several days into Lent without anything on the go, so this year I did some research and got everything ready to begin on Ash Wed. We are doing the Holy Hereos Lenten Adventure, Lenten Calender from here (BTW I LOVE Catholic Icing), Sacrifice jar and I purchased the Stations of the cross CD from Holy Hereos.  We are still waiting on the cd, but I hope to begin it next week.

2 – Socks, oh how I loath thee.  You may remember my previous posts about socks.  I seriously think they were created to give me a headache.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it was my husband and I who wore them, but my 3 girls absolutely dispise wearing them.  Even in the dead of winter when it is 40 below.  I put the socks on them in the morning, and as soon as they get the chance, off they come.  Do you have this problem?  So when I go to wash the little things I end up with missing pairs.  I even started a missing sock bin on my dresser.  It was overflowing and spilling onto the floor.  Well I managed to match many pairs of socks and am now down to just a mere few.  I think the rest are hiding in the van….

3 – My own Lenten journey.  I really have to get into reading scripture again, so I’m going to try and tackle the Psalms.  Any suggestions for me?  That and add an extra mass during the week.  For the last two months we haven’t been able to make it to our daily mass on Wednesday and it’s really starting to show.  Luckily everyone is healthy again, and our parish priest is back from his retreat and vacation, so it’s back to mass we go starting next week 🙂  I’m also going to try the 40 bags for 40 days.  We could all do with a lot less stuff (especially me).

Share your small successes over at Faith and Family live.

This year I took it a little bit easy on the Mardi Gras celebration. How in the world did I manage to make donuts from scratch last year with a week old infant? I must have been nuts, or at least sleep deprived 🙂

This year we did yummy rootbeer floats. Easy and quick!

Vanilla ice cream, Root Beer, Whipped Cream and of course you can’t forget the cherry for on top!  (And yes, that is one of my old beer mugs from my days in Engineering, perfect for Root Beer!)

It was so delicious!  Next we made some Mardi Gras masks. The girls really liked doing this one. I gathered all my supplies at the local dollar store. They even had some great sparkly adhesive foam sheets.

First I cut out a mask shape and made some eye holes, next I cut two slits in the side of the mask for the wooden dowel (in order to hold the mask in front of your face), and finally comes the fun part…the decorating! Warning, there are many pictures in this one 🙂


 Here is Therese decorating her mask. 

 The finished product!

Marie with her mask……

And finally Hannah with her mask.

 Nicholas is a bit too young to be playing with such small beads & stickers so I made up this one for him.

  Here are the girls showing off their Mardi Gras masks.  May your Lenten journey be fruitful!

Well, it is a New Year (already) and I realized that I’ve been neglecting my blog. Yes, work has been keeping me busy (anyone need any cloth diapers ), but most importantly, my family has been keeping me busy.

With the Christmas season finally over I can now sit back and relax. Okay, not really, but one can dream right?

I don’t normally do resolutions, but this year I ‘sort of’ did.

1. Enjoy my birthday. Yes, I am Ms. Grumpy pants when it comes to my birthday. Why? I’m not sure, but I read a post on Faith and Family last year that really summed up my feelings. You can check it out here. I resolve to be HAPPY!

2. Write about my ‘conversion’. I type it in quotes because I don’t have a St. Paul knocked off his horse kind of conversion, more of a slow inching it’s way along until finally I jumped right in! You can read about it here.

3. Keeping this blog going even if it kills me! Okay, maybe not, but I really want to keep it going. Especially to highlight my family, and some of the things we do.
4. Wow, 4 resolutions already? Last but not least…Home schooling. I’ve hinted about it in the past that I was discerning a call to home schooling. Well, we’ve made up our minds and in the fall of ’11 we are going to jump right in. Now comes the hard part….how to do it! I may be blogging about my frustrations & excitements about figuring things out.

So what kind of resolutions, or lack thereof are you doing this year??

So I’ve been promising for years to write down my conversion story. Well, I don’t have a one ‘a-ha’ moment, but I do remember something very clearly.

The first time I went to church, just happened to be on the Feast Day of the Baptism of the Lord. So imagine to my surprise when the homily was all about Baptisms. Now remember, at this time I had no knowledge of church ‘seasons’, or feast days, so I really believe that God was answering my prayers. (Do I become Catholic?) So that very day after Mass I contacted the RCIA director of the parish (a sweet man named Deacon Jim), and he came over that very afternoon! He handed me a bible and asked me to come to a meeting that week and 2 years later I was being Baptized at the Basilica of St. Mary’s in Minneapolis, MN.  My then fiancé (now my husband) was my sponsor. I joke with him and call him my God Father!  I know, not much of a conversion story, but that is really how it all started. All because I decided to go to Mass on the feast day of the Baptism of the Lord. (Which just happened to be celebrated yesterday.)

Am I the only one who is completely blown away how quickly time is flying by? Here it is, the eve of the 4th weekend of Advent already!

I’ve been keeping myself busy with my very first ever craft show. Make that also my last craft show! Wow, a whole lot of work for not much return. I don’t think I want to put my family through that kind of stress again. Mind you, it was fun to meet some new people and get the word out about cloth diapering. Here’s my table!

Next came December and the crazy hoopla surrounding it. Christmas concerts, and dinners just about exploded all over this house in the past week. Let’s see, One Père Noel supper, First Reconciliation for Marie

Just after Marie's First Reconcilliation

, two Christmas concerts at school plus a Christmas Violin concert and tonight is my hubby’s Orchestra concert (which I have to miss :P). It’s really tough finding babysitters who want to look after 4 kids!

After tonight we can start to relax and prepare ourselves for Christmas just a little under a week away.

Oh, here’s one last little tidbit for everyone who reads this blog (does anyone really?). For the past 5 months (well, really I’ve been thinking about this for 3 years now) I have been discerning homeschooling the kids starting next year. My husband, the kids and I are going to go for it! So for the next 6 months I’m going to proceed to go crazy in figuring out what type of plan I’m going to go with. So many options….I’m actually quite giddy about it 🙂

I really want them to have a great relationship with each other and with us (the parents). I can already see the influence that school has had on them and I’m not liking the overall picture. The teachers are great, the school is wonderful BUT (there is always a but, isn’t there?) they come home exhausted, cranky and still have at least an hour of homework each night. So wish me luck, and say A LOT of prayers for us!

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

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