This was my first attempt at making soft soled baby shoes. My poor little guy outgrew his hand-me-down shoes and was without anything on his feet for the last several weeks (except socks!). I came across this great tutorial several months ago and decided to give it a whirl. If you are even remotely crafty, just even a teeny tiny bit, this is a great project for you.

I did increase the pattern size by about 1/4″ since my son’s feet are bigger than the ones in the pattern. I also think I might take it in at the sides a bit for the next pair I make. Oh yes, there will be more!

My materials were:
remenant piece of sueded cloth for the soles
remenant piece of bamboo fleece for the lining of the soles
Riley Blake, Mind’s eye blue circles for the top/lining
Riley Blake, Mind’s eye brown plaid for the lining/top

Look how cute these turned out!

Here is the little man sporting his new shoes!


Okay, I’m a few weeks late on this one, but I have to share my big boys first birthday party. Look how much he’s grown in the past year! Did I mention he can walk now too?

Here’s his awesome cake.  A little bit of spray food colouring (did you know that they made that?), a paper template and a WHOLE lot of icing.  I think it turned out really well 🙂

The Dumptruck cupcake cake

Happy Birthday Little Man 🙂

Come inside and have some fun! Okay, we don’t have snowmaggedon (or whatever they are calling it) like they are in the East, but it sure was darn cold today. Woke up to -32 degrees C with a -45 degrees C windchill. Yes, school busses were cancelled, but we still managed to get in the car today and do a few errands. After all that was finished, Hannah was itching to do something fun. I remembered a great post on the Faith and Family blog mentioning…bring some snow inside for fun. (Now why didn’t I think of that?)

So Hannah put on her mitts, donned a nice bright pink apron and out I went to get a bucket of snow. Would you believe she had a blast for close to an hour? Mostly scooping it up and shaping it (once it melted a bit) into different size balls. What a great way to spend an hour. (And I got my T4 slips finished!)

Check out those mitts!

Bucket of snow

Having a blast!


It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

1 – Blogged not once, not twice but 4 whole times (5 if you include this one) this week.  That in itself is a HUGE success!

2- Celebrated my 34th birthday!  And I was content, not grumpy like the last (4 or more years!).  Enjoyed yummy Chocolate Cake, ordered in some Chinese food and spent it with my family.  What more could I ask for?  Well, I did ask for one thing (and it is in the mail).  Danielle Bean’s new book.  Can’t wait to get it!  Also celebrated Hannah’s birthday the day before (what an awesome present!)  I can’t believe she’s 3 already!

3 – Laundry (at least the kids clothes are done and folded), I’m hoping I’m motivated enough to do mine!

Bonus: Even though I suck at blogging (okay, that’s too strong of a word…maybe just lazy), I’ve volunteered to host blog on the EtsyClothDiaper Team Blog for Thursday theme diapers.  So far it’s been really easy.  Maybe that’s why I’ve been into blogging more lately!

Share your small successes with everyone over at Faith and Family Live.

Yes, I’m already trying out a few thing’s from some home schooling curricula. The girls wanted to make their own ‘lap books’ so we decided to get right into it today.

What are lap books? It is basically a folder, with pictures, information, etc… attached to it to make it fun for kids.

Here are the items I used: File folder, scissors, glue, crayons (not shown, pictures printed off the Internet).

Here are the final products. As you can see, it can be fun for kids of all ages. Have fun making your own!

Well, it is a New Year (already) and I realized that I’ve been neglecting my blog. Yes, work has been keeping me busy (anyone need any cloth diapers ), but most importantly, my family has been keeping me busy.

With the Christmas season finally over I can now sit back and relax. Okay, not really, but one can dream right?

I don’t normally do resolutions, but this year I ‘sort of’ did.

1. Enjoy my birthday. Yes, I am Ms. Grumpy pants when it comes to my birthday. Why? I’m not sure, but I read a post on Faith and Family last year that really summed up my feelings. You can check it out here. I resolve to be HAPPY!

2. Write about my ‘conversion’. I type it in quotes because I don’t have a St. Paul knocked off his horse kind of conversion, more of a slow inching it’s way along until finally I jumped right in! You can read about it here.

3. Keeping this blog going even if it kills me! Okay, maybe not, but I really want to keep it going. Especially to highlight my family, and some of the things we do.
4. Wow, 4 resolutions already? Last but not least…Home schooling. I’ve hinted about it in the past that I was discerning a call to home schooling. Well, we’ve made up our minds and in the fall of ’11 we are going to jump right in. Now comes the hard part….how to do it! I may be blogging about my frustrations & excitements about figuring things out.

So what kind of resolutions, or lack thereof are you doing this year??

My baby turned 3 today. At first I was a bit sad to see Hannah growing up into such a big girl, but the sadness soon turned into happiness.

Who can be sad when this little girl is smiling? Happy Birthday Sweetie 🙂

Hannah, the big 3.