It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

1 – I cleaned and purged…MY ROOM! I can finally see my dresser top, the closet floor and even my bathroom drawer. Unfortunately the master bedroom had become a dumping ground for everything. It’s good to gain back a bedroom.

2- The 40 bags for 40 days is slowly coming along. (See above) I think I got 3 bags alone in my own room.

3 – I’m slowly continuing on my Lenten journey. The psalms are being read daily, finally made it back to mass yesterday and I’m really trying hard to be present for the kids. Heck, as a family we even broke out Monopoly last weekend. I thought it would be too old for them, but guess what? The 7 yo had no problem playing, the 5 yo played with minimal help and even the 3 yo participated (she helped Dad be the banker).  They really enjoyed it and keep asking for more 🙂

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It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted any successes.  Our whole family has been down and out with horrible colds this last month.  It really put a damper on some of the extras that I was trying to do.   I’m hoping to get back into blogging on a bit more of a regular basis.

1 – I actually prepared our Lenten activities this year. Last year we were several days into Lent without anything on the go, so this year I did some research and got everything ready to begin on Ash Wed. We are doing the Holy Hereos Lenten Adventure, Lenten Calender from here (BTW I LOVE Catholic Icing), Sacrifice jar and I purchased the Stations of the cross CD from Holy Hereos.  We are still waiting on the cd, but I hope to begin it next week.

2 – Socks, oh how I loath thee.  You may remember my previous posts about socks.  I seriously think they were created to give me a headache.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it was my husband and I who wore them, but my 3 girls absolutely dispise wearing them.  Even in the dead of winter when it is 40 below.  I put the socks on them in the morning, and as soon as they get the chance, off they come.  Do you have this problem?  So when I go to wash the little things I end up with missing pairs.  I even started a missing sock bin on my dresser.  It was overflowing and spilling onto the floor.  Well I managed to match many pairs of socks and am now down to just a mere few.  I think the rest are hiding in the van….

3 – My own Lenten journey.  I really have to get into reading scripture again, so I’m going to try and tackle the Psalms.  Any suggestions for me?  That and add an extra mass during the week.  For the last two months we haven’t been able to make it to our daily mass on Wednesday and it’s really starting to show.  Luckily everyone is healthy again, and our parish priest is back from his retreat and vacation, so it’s back to mass we go starting next week 🙂  I’m also going to try the 40 bags for 40 days.  We could all do with a lot less stuff (especially me).

Share your small successes over at Faith and Family live.

Actually, it’s more about examining my own conscience. Being a convert to the church, I did not grow up with the wonderful sacrament of reconciliation. And unfortunately my RCIA class did not teach us the fine art of giving a good confession (actually, they didn’t really talk about it at all). So when it came time for my first confession….I was at a loss. Luckily, my husband (boyfriend at the time) had a few resources that I could use. One being the Handbook of prayers (excellent for general prayers, rosary, and a great guide to confession). However as I’ve gotten older, things have changed in my life.  I am now married, have 3 children (1 in Heaven and 1 on the way) and I no longer work outside the home.  I am needing more direction and I have come across a few helpful resources that I’d like to share with you.

However, I can always use more help!  Especially in this area of my life.  If you have any alternate suggestions, please post them here.  I would love to read them as I continue on my path.

My new favorite website is  It is an excellent resource for moms.  I like seeing that everyone has struggles (especially Catholic moms) and how they tap into Catholic resources in order to bring peace in their households.  I know when the volume level goes up in our house, its time for Reconcilliation.  Luckily I have an awesome husband who is on board with me and we make it into a family day.  Pack up the kids and head down to the local parish.  I know I need as many graces from Jesus as I can get!