I read on a blog recently on how to re-use your old broken up crayons and make them into new, fun and exciting crayons. Yes, I’ve got 4 kids and have TONS of broken bits of crayons. So I figured I would try this out. First, have the kids peel all the paper off the broken bits and break them into smaller pieces. That actually kept them busy for about 10min!

No plastic animals were hurt during this procedure

Then stick all the broken bits into a mold of your choice. I found this one at Extra Foods for $2. I think its a silicone ice cube tray? But it seemed to do the trick.

Filling the tray with the broken pieces

Next, I heated the oven to 170 degrees C, 200 degrees C, finally 250 degrees C  (Yes, I was getting impatient because the darn crayons were not melting) and let them sit there for 2 min at a time constantly checking on their meltedness.  (Is that a word?)  Finally they were melted, took them out and stuck them in the freezer to cool down. 

Melted waxy crayons

I think I may have popped them out of the mold too soon because half of them broke!  But the ones that made it looked pretty cool.   And besides you can always melt them down again and make new ones!

The final product (at least the ones that made it|)

And Hannah had no problems jumping in right away and colouring with them 🙂  So if you’re looking for something to do on a cool and rainy Sunday, this is the perfect trick!

Action Drawing. This is Hannah's Potato Head Monster.