This year I took it a little bit easy on the Mardi Gras celebration. How in the world did I manage to make donuts from scratch last year with a week old infant? I must have been nuts, or at least sleep deprived 🙂

This year we did yummy rootbeer floats. Easy and quick!

Vanilla ice cream, Root Beer, Whipped Cream and of course you can’t forget the cherry for on top!  (And yes, that is one of my old beer mugs from my days in Engineering, perfect for Root Beer!)

It was so delicious!  Next we made some Mardi Gras masks. The girls really liked doing this one. I gathered all my supplies at the local dollar store. They even had some great sparkly adhesive foam sheets.

First I cut out a mask shape and made some eye holes, next I cut two slits in the side of the mask for the wooden dowel (in order to hold the mask in front of your face), and finally comes the fun part…the decorating! Warning, there are many pictures in this one 🙂


 Here is Therese decorating her mask. 

 The finished product!

Marie with her mask……

And finally Hannah with her mask.

 Nicholas is a bit too young to be playing with such small beads & stickers so I made up this one for him.

  Here are the girls showing off their Mardi Gras masks.  May your Lenten journey be fruitful!


**updated to include the link to the donut recipe!**

Okay, I have to admit I really like donuts. And now that I’m pregnant?? Watch out! Usually the girls and I will pick up a small pack of ‘donut holes’ on our way to school after Wednesday morning mass, but now with Lent starting tomorrow….no more!

So for one last hurrah, I decided to make a batch of homemade donuts, for supper! (We’ll have something else, but how cool is having donuts for supper?) I found this awesome recipe here for a very close knock off of the Krispie Kreme donut. Here are my results. Now hopefully we do not eat all of these tonight. I plan on freezing the rest and hiding them in the deep freeze downstairs, only to be thawed on Easter Sunday. Which, BTW, is the scheduled date for the baby’s baptism : )